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[e][h]Ticon.png LetaBot
Netherlands Netherlands
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LetaBot is a StarCraft AI, written by Martin Rooijackers, a student in Maastricht, Netherlands.


In the SSCAIT2014 LetaBot placed first in the Ro42 round of robin group phase, with equal points to the number 2, XIMP.

A very clever rush bot, LetaBot plays some sort of early Marine pressure; either a proxy Barracks, Bunker rush or 2 Barracks from its own base.

It got its name from the strategy whereby, in the event the early Marine pressure doesn't destroy all the enemy buildings, it builds Wraiths which will search the map and kill anything that is left. It is a tribute to former Korean progamer Shin Sang-Moon a.k.a. Leta was known for his Wraith use.


In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Category
2015-02-04 A11st SSCAIT2014 3 : 1 Picon small.png XIMP Student AND Mixed
2014-08-29 A33rd CIG2014 Win %: 68.47 Full game
2014-09-07 A33rd AIIDE014 Win %: 82.09 Full game