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Welcome to StarCraft AI
The StarCraft BroodWar Resource for custom AI

List of bots

Bot Author Type Download Source code Description
Ticon small.png Krasi0bot Krasimir Krastev C++, .dll file DLL - Very well balanced
Picon small.png UAlbertaBot David Churchill C++, .dll file DLL GitHub Zealot rush
Picon small.png AIUR Florian Richoux C++, .dll file DLL GitHub Random strategies
Picon small.png XIMP Tomas Vajda C++, .dll file DLL - Cannons & Carriers
Ticon small.png ICEbot ICElab C++, .dll file DLL - Offensive Terran
Ticon small.png BTHAI Johan Hagelback C++, .dll file DLL Google Code Single base Terran
Picon small.png WryxoBot Martin Strapko Java, .jar file JAR - Mass Dragons
Ticon small.png Yarmouk I-Strategizer Research Group C++, .dll proxy - GitHub Case-Based Planning

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