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Display the small race icon or icons.

Template Inputs

For single races

Picon small.png Protoss
  • p
  • protoss
Ticon small.png Terran
  • t
  • terran
Zicon small.png Zerg
  • z
  • zerg

For pairs of two races

  • pp Picon small.pngPicon small.png
  • pt Picon small.pngTicon small.png
  • pz Picon small.pngZicon small.png
  • tp Ticon small.pngPicon small.png
  • tt Ticon small.pngTicon small.png
  • tz Ticon small.pngZicon small.png
  • zp Zicon small.pngPicon small.png
  • zt Zicon small.pngTicon small.png
  • zz Zicon small.pngZicon small.png



Ticon small.pngZicon small.png