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tscmoo is a StarCraft AI, written by tscmoo, an AI enthousiast from Norway. It entered the scene in early 2015 and although it hasn't participated in official tournaments yet, as of 2015 Feb, it is among the strongest Brood War AI in existence, occupying the #1 position on the krasi0ladder ELO and ranking among the top spots on the SSCAIT ladder.


  • tscmoo joined the SSCAIT AI community during the SSCAIT2014. Having joined after the tournament started, it did not participate, but has been playing random bot matches ever since. On the krasi0ladder it has, since the release of version 0.3.1, been at the top, uncontested.
  • On the 18th of February 2015 the first replays of tscmoo's new Zerg bot surfaced, in which he defeated ICEBot, krasi0bot and tscmoo-t with remarkable ease. Upon release on the SSCAIT ladder, it quickly became one of the top bots, with win percentages of 70% to 100%.



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