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The Artificial 'Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment StarCraft AI Competition or AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition is a recurring annual tournament that has been held since 2010. It is currently organized by Michael Buro and David Churchill in affiliation with the University of Alberta, Canada. Together with SSCAIT it is one of the three big AI tournaments for Brood War AI.


The AIIDE does not always play an elimination bracket, as sometimes a large matrix is played out, or, separate 'skills' are tested, as in the 2010 edition. Because of that, not every entry below will have a discrete Score. For tournaments with both separate matrix play and an elimination bracket, the Scores for the latter have been entered to increase comparability with other tournaments. It should be stressed that the AIIDE has a greater focus on AI instead of the coding of build orders, as the SSCAIT does.


Medals won per Race

As of the AIIDE2014 there have been:

Race Gold1st Silver2nd
Picon small.png Protoss 3 4
Ticon small.png Terran 1 1
Zicon small.png Zerg 1 0

Medals won per Bot


GoldGold Picon small.png Skynet
Gold Zicon small.png Overmind · Picon small.png UAlbertaBot · Ticon small.png ICEBot


Silver Ticon small.png krasi0bot · Picon small.png UAlbertabot · Picon small.png Aiur · Picon small.png Skynet · Picon small.png XIMP


Edition Date Winner Runner-Up Organizer
AIIDE2010 2010 Zicon small.png Overmind Ticon small.png krasi0bot UC Santa Cruz
AIIDE2011 2011 Picon small.png Skynet Picon small.png UAlbertabot University of Alberta
AIIDE2012 2012 Picon small.png Skynet Picon small.png Aiur University of Alberta
AIIDE2013 2013 Picon small.png UAlbertaBot Picon small.png Skynet University of Alberta
AIIDE2014 2014 Ticon small.png ICEBot Picon small.png XIMP University of Alberta

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