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The SSCAIT, or Student StarCraft AI Tournament has been held since 2011, when it was first organised by Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. Together with AIIDE and CIG it is one of the three big AI tournaments for Brood War AI.


The SSCAIT was first organised in 2011, by the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. The 50 participating bots were divided into 10 groups of 5, from which the 8th finals were populated. In the finals, Roman Danielis won against Michal Piovarci.

In the following years, the number of participants stayed constant, making it the biggest Brood War AI tournament in the world.

Even though the tournament is currently hosted at two universities (Czech Technical University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava), it is open to the public. Any individuals or groups of people are eligible for participation, but special rules apply to students.


Edition Date Winner Runner-Up Organizer
SSCAIT2011 2011 Picon small.png R.Danielis Zicon small.png M.Piovarci Czech Technical University & Comenius University
SSCAIT2012 2012 Ticon small.png M.Istenik Zicon small.png M.Bartnicki Czech Technical University & Comenius University
SSCAIT2013 2013 Picon small.png XIMP Ticon small.png WOPR Czech Technical University & Comenius University
SSCAIT2014 2014 Ticon small.png LetaBot Picon small.png XIMP Czech Technical University & Comenius University

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