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20150625 nepeta: Could bot table contain home pages and different versions of bots?

albertouri: I would keep the table as concise as possible. Since only a few bots have home pages I will detail it in their own wiki pages. That said, I'm thinking to add a BWAPI column to specify the BWAPI version of each bot.

20150627 nepeta: Could we copy the infobox and categories from liquipedia? I'd be all for it, but idk how to do it. Any wiki gosus on board? ^^

20150627 albertouri: I will customize our own infobox. I'm not sure what you mean by categories, any example?

20150629 nepeta: If you look at at the bottom there is a line with categories: Categories: Player stubs, Stubs, Bots, AIs. Bots and AIs are the same though :p

20150629 albertouri: ooo that's easy, in fact you already did it with Tscmoo, just add at the end of the page the link to the category (even if the category doesn't exist). Like