An AI is a an artificial intelligence, in the context of StarCraft: Brood War, a piece of software emulating a human player. AIs use different abstractions of human behaviour to render the most life-like playing experience, or the best AI vs AI performance.

AI vs AI

There are 3 annual AI Tournaments, the SSCAIT and AIIDE and CIG, in which up to 50 bots play against each other. These tournaments are also meeting grounds for programmers; the AIIDE and CIG host a BW AI Tournament as a part of their conferences, at which programmers/students exchange knowledge and present research papers linked to their bots. The SSCAIT takes place online.

AI vs Humans

The AAIDE has asked the German Zerg Bakuryu to help develop and demonstrate many of its participating AIs, four two-set matches can be found here.

Artificial Intelligence in BW Bots

AI concepts:

  • ICEBot
  • "5pool" bots

Examples of BW AI

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