CIG 2014


The CIG 2014 is a tournament, organized by CIG (Computational Intelligence in Games) for students of artificial intelligence (AI) and/or programming, who develop those skills while coding an AI player for Brood War. The focus of CIG is more on research than on winning.

Tournament Details


  • Game type is 1 vs.1 full game StarCraft: BroodWar 1.16.1 with fog-of-war enabled
  • Bots will be run in a native Windows 7 environment.
  • Using BWAPI which is 3.7.4 as well as the newest version released before June, 2014, which will be 4.X
  • Time limit is 86400 frames (60min). After that time, In-game score will be used to determine the winner
  • Full Round-robin tournament, with as many rounds as possible.


Picon.png Protoss (7) Ticon.png Terran (6) Zicon.png Zerg (0)
Xelnaga BTHAI  —
MooseBot LetaBot  —
Skynet Nova  —
CruzBot TerranUAB  —
UAlbertaBot  —  —

Map Pool

The map pool wasn't reveal before the start of the competition.

Neo Ground Zero Match Point New_Chu Athena Longinus Medusa Outsider Rush Hour 3 Arcadia Byzantium
Ground Zero Match Point No thumbnail available Athena Longinus Medusa Outsider Rush Hour Arcadia Byzantium

Fighting Spirit Grand Line Icarus Hwarangdo Requiem Nostalgia Othello R-Point shadow_ The Hunters
Fighting Spirit Grand Line Icarus Hwarangdo Requiem Nostalgia Othello R-Point No thumbnail available The Hunters


Place Bot Scores Win %
Gold 1st Ticon small.png ICEBot 598-122 83.06
Silver 2nd Picon small.png XIMP 562-158 78.06
Bronze 3rd Ticon small.png LetaBot 493-227 68.47
4 Picon small.png AIUR 476-244 66.11
5 Picon small.png UAlbertaBot 432-288 60.00
6 Ticon small.png WOPR 407-313 56.53
7 Picon small.png MaasCraft 397-323 55.14
8 Ticon small.png Nova 280-440 38.89
9 Picon small.png MooseBot 276-444 38.33
10 Ticon small.png TerranUAB 245-475 34.03
11 Ticon small.png BTHAI 227-493 31.53
12 Picon small.png NUSBot 155-565 21.53
13 Picon small.png CruzBot 132-588 18.33

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