Chance to Hit

Only ranged attacks have a hit or miss detection. Melee units will always hit their target when attacking. There are four cases in which a miss can occur by a ranged attacker:

  1. The target is underneath certain doodads which block a percentage of attacks. (Trees, signs, etc.)
  2. The attacking unit is on low ground while the targeted unit is on high ground.
  3. The attacking unit is attempting to attack a target underneath a Dark Swarm cloud.
  4. With any ranged attack, there is a very slight chance of an "air shot" or miss for no apparent reason. It is likely programmed into the game.

Units attempting to attack a target in the first two cases have a 53.125% chance to hit their target. The miss chance in those cases has been frequently but mistakenly reported to be 30% by several sources. Units attempting to attack a target under Dark Swarm have a 0% chance to hit their target until they move out from under the cloud or the cloud wears off. The chance of an "air shot" is 1/256; that is, with the two units on equal elevation, a ranged unit's chance to hit is 99.609375%.

Note: Splash units will still do splash damage to units that are missed unless that unit is burrowed.