Multiple instances of StarCraft

To play AI vs AI games in the same machine you can use the BWAPI Multi-Instance option.

Chaos Launcher

After installing BWAPI, navigate to the BWAPI/Chaoslauncher directory and run Chaoslauncher - MultiInstance.exe
Select BWAPI Injector and any other plugins you wish to use.
Clicking Start button several times will produce new instances of StarCraft with BWAPI injected.

Multi tut chaoslauncher.png


To set up BWAPI for multiple instances, you must configure the AI path for each instance. Browse to Starcraft/bwapi-data/ and open bwapi.ini.
Now change the ai entry to contain comma-separated paths to the AI modules you wish to use.

ai = bwapi-data/AI/SomeAI.dll, bwapi-data/AI/SecondInstance.dll, bwapi-data/AI/ThirdInstance.dll

Each comma-separated entry will be loaded for their respective instance (first instance loads the first entry, etc). If there are more instances than entries, then the last entry is used for all subsequent instances.


After installing BWAPI, a new network mode called Local PC should now be available after choosing Multiplayer.

Multi tut network.gif

This network mode will only appear when BWAPI has been injected and will allow you to play matches between multiple instances.
If you have a bot that spams a lot of APM, it can cause a disconnect in this mode due to some network recovery process not functioning in local PC mode.